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**Roaming The Heavens**


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OK! I know how roam around in the Ho, Ganton and liberty Heavens, but how do I roam the other 15 or so? Other Topics say a bit about it but if you could post up a couple of procedures that start from "Entering the Ganton Gym from the street. The outcome of this topic is to be able to get into heavens and roam with a jet-pack, in the area where you can use a Jet Pack above the regulated height for air traffic, you know what I mean. thanks!


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Carpetdweller is here to save you but I'll try to post first. You can access all heavens with a jetpack and flying out the roof of Ganton Gym... You then enter various other interiors and exit through the door to load other heavens.


Hidden Interiors via Ganton Gym

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Mxyzptlk may have put it simpler, but here's my version:


This could have been posted in the existing topic.


I did start typing up instructions to each heaven about 3 or 4 months ago. I didn't finish because i thought it wasn't necessary. All the info you need is on the 'found interiors' and 'heaven groups' pages.


For instance:

How do I get to Ammunation Heaven?


Find that heaven in the list and it says:

"D - Ammunation Heaven = Via 24, [game ref = 7] "


D is the reference letter we have given to Ammunation Heaven.

Ammunation Heaven is what we call it.

[Game ref=7] means that the game files know that heaven as '7'.


What you are interested in is "Via 24". This means that if you enter marker 24, it will load Ammunation Heaven.


Look down the list of interiors and find 24:

"24. Ammu-nation (with 2 floors)* [D] WW = wall to right of entrance. 1005-1011 F6"



24 is the reference letter we have given to that interior.

Ammu-nation (with 2 floors) is the name we have given to that interior.

D is the heaven it is in.

WW tells you whereabouts you can get inside this interior through a non-solid area.

1005-1011 is the altitude it is located at.

F6 is the grid reference where you will find it.


You can find where F6 is by looking here: Grid Map

Then go to that area on this map to find No. 24. Interiors Map


This is all assuming you are using the Ganton-Gym Glitch on the PS2 without a cheat device such as codebreaker, gameshark or AR Max.


If that is the case then you are limited to the first few heavens. Those with a number after "Via".



In fact you are limited to only those heavens which can be accessed through the interiors (with a weak wall and yellow marker) within this area: MAP.




If you do have a cheat device or are able to stay above maximum height then you can visit the others too. Especially if you have a walk-through-walls code.


Just look at the Heaven Groups page and try to work out which interior within your chosen heaven is the easiest to get to for you.


For instance, if I want to go to Cluckin Heaven (that's deliberately a difficult one):


Find the interiors in Cluckin' -


"69. Safe House group 3 - Gold Bed Motel Room (Z5), Prickle Pine 2 storey house (Z6)[P] $

130. Cluckin' Bell [P] $

137. Andromada [P] $

142. Burglary House X22 [P] $ (similar model to Prickle Pine house) 1085

143. Burglary House X23 [P] $ (1 storey, 2 peds, Rich-Mid)"



I have very limited experience of where each burglary house can be found in the 'real' world, so I would rule those out.


You can't get to andromada outside missions so that would be out too.


Cluckin' Bell seems the best option because I can just walk straight in in the normal world. However, this is still a problem though because it's interior is located away (in the X,Y axes) from its exterior. If I go there the map will be mis-aligned and it will make the maps I provided earlier useless.


From experience I know that 'Safe House group 3' is right next to the Jefferson Motel's interior.

So I know if I can get to the motel - I can get to marker 69 and enter that to load Cluckin' Heaven.


I happen to know that the Jefferson Motel loads directly above its exterior and therefore the map doesn't misalign when I enter it.

I also know that I can walk in anytime from the normal game world.


This would be my best option:

Enter Jefferson Motel > Escape using a walk-through-walls cheat > I'm now in Binco Heaven > Locate a nearby marker for interior 69 > enter it > I'm now in a loaded interior within Cluckin' Heaven.


However then you have the problem that you can't use the map here either.

This is because the map was never mis-aligned. The earlier mentioned maps were mis-aligned because that's what happens when you enter the gym.


Luckily I have also made some maps where everything is where it should be.

K-aligned Grid ref map

K-aligned large map



On reflection -

Although it is perfectly possible for anyone to do that by looking at the lists and maps, it is still difficult to do quickly.

I happen to enjoy all the puzzle-solving aspect of finding the interiors, but I understand that some people just want to go somewhere immediately.


So I will be putting together simple guides about how to access each heaven. But it may take a while. If anyone wants to help by telling me what they think is the easiest way to get somwhere, please do.

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