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I've scored an unlimited M4 at only 80%


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I was going all out against the law after I had saved a mission. I was mowing down cops left, right and centre when I noticed that I had no ammo numbers under the M4. All of my other weapons still had limited ammo. I'm not sure when the M4 became unlimited.


My onslaught against the SFPD came to a traumatic end, all of my weapons were gone. I headed to Ammunation and bought an M4 hoping for unlimited but no. I now only have limited ammo.


I have completed all the story line missions and am currently at 80%. I had just completed the zero missions then did one of the SF races. I have not used any cheats. I know have a very helpful unlimited M4 for the rest of my journey.


I recently used sacensor to flip the censorship so that I could see what the hot coffee fuss was all about. Could this have caused it?


Has any one else picked up unlimited weapons before you reach 100%?


I'll try to find somewhere to post a copy of my save file if any one would like to see it.


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it's not unlimited, it's just more digits than can be displayed... so they're not displayed... start shooting every car you see with the M4 and eventually you'll see it kick back down to 9,999 rounds and you'll see it going down after that...

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The above posters are correct.

You do not have unlimited ammo, you're just holding more bullets then can be shown. If you use the weapons long enough without picking up more ammo you'll see them start to go down.


When you have unlimited ammo however you can still have numbers. Once you've unlocked the unlimited ammo you can pick up a weapon and only have a few bullets but they will last forever. It's most noticable with weapons like the handguns since their bullets aren't interchangable and switching will kick you back to almost nothing.


If you have unlimited ammo and you switch from any handgun to the Desert Eagle for instance you'll have 23 bullets outside the clip, and 7 bulets in the clip (23-7) when you fire one shot the number in the right column will go down while the other goes up.

Like this.

23-7 then you fire a shot.








Then when you reload it will go back to


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this is how you DO get unlimited ammo. (i think)


Head over to ammu nation. If you have passed level 2, the Micro SMG, start the challenge again, and then immedately cancel it. this will double your ammo. Do it a few more times and your Micro SMG ammo will turn unlimited.


If you complete the shotgun level, this glitch applies to all the shotguns as well and when you finish the AK 47 level, it will apply to the AK 47 and the M4. So far, i have used it for at least 1 month and it still has unlimited ammo.


Thought it may be useful.



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