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OK everyone knows that skiller put nude skins in GTA:SA for the hot coffee what i dont see is why you cant put other skins on like ones that replace CJ instead of ones the replace his b!tches come on someone would have to be able to do it. SKILLER!!

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Listen up. There's no way to add skins to a PS2 game, the disc is read-only. What Skiller did was just made it possible to unlock the mini game. Which means there will be no way to change skins for CJ.

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no those skins werent in the game they were only on the game for the PC!


No, they were already in the game, read the post above, you cant add sh*t to a ps2 game.


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liek every one said .

All we did when makin that codes was Find the modle that gets loaded when the game goes into that mode ..


GF2 (is the Half Naked) this is the one that always gets Loaded in that

what we did was this ..


GF1 = Nude

Gf2 = Half Nude

GF3 = Fully Clothed


thats for the GFs the other modles only have there norm seting Clothing

but they can still be Skined in ..


From with in the Actual Elf u can even see all the modles .. its kinda funny .. u see all 3 GF modles .. but Changing at that point of the elf is pointless .. it was a bit Tricky to get it to do what er wanted but it was done .. and its not that big of a codes ..


and just incase u need this again ..



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