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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

How could i make peds spawn inside and outside Madd Dogs crib. The mods im makin are based around the crib and it would b gud to have peds. i have spawned the gamblin table object and that give me a ped. but they dont follow a route, they just walk into the same wall. and when they spawn in dogs they just go into a room and stand still forever. how can i make my peds spawn thru main.scm?


I just wanna know to do this. NOT for sum1 2 do it for me. I WANNA LEARN

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Couldn't you make Mad Dogg's interior a Gang Zone or use a Remove Forbidden Peds Zone? I can do this with VCPD HQ, the Malibu, the Mall, etc. But I'm not sure if the interiors have paths connected to them. Can you add paths to the exsiting paths? I seem to remember reading a paths tutorial somewhere...


I'm NOT saying this for sure; I'm actually asking for myself as well. dontgetit.gif

I'm actually not against democracy though. I'm against things I think are f*cking stupid. I think this is f*cking stupid. - Sweets

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