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I'm building a PC.


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The blank spots are for you to fill in, fun! Now suggest something between $89.99 - $149.99

  • Case

    Aspire TurboCase XDreamer II Black 350W Mid Tower ATX Case


  • Motherboard

    Giga-Byte GA-K8NS Socket 754 Motherboard


  • Processor

    AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3000+ ADA3000AEP4AX - Tray CPU?


  • Memory Sticks/Ram/DDR

    Kingston 1GB DDR Ram


  • Harddrive

    Western Ditial HD 160GB 8 MB Cache 7200RM


  • Videocard

    EVGA-e-GeForce 6200 AGP


  • Sound Card



  • DVD-RW/CD-RW Combo Drive



  • Accessories

    Logitech Cordless Desktop® EX 11


    NYKO Air Flo PC-Gamepad

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Please tell me your not reffering to the entire computer? Or are you talking about by part? Even in which case, just giving us a total budget will get you a lot farther then a per piece price.


Also it is essential to know if you will be gaming or video editing or digital art or what? ATI or Nvidia? Intel or AMD? Any requirements at all? Case preference? SLI or no?

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Since you've edited with some specs I'll just say that what you've picked so far its pretty average if your sole purpose is gaming. If your going to build a new PC you might as well jump on the PCI-e bandwagon as its the way of the future and unsures a good upgradeability later down the track not to mention AGP is slowly being fizzled out. Motherboardwise I'd advise you make sure its a Socket 939 once again to keep your upgrade options open down the track. That Case and most importantly that PSU really isn't good as 350W is mimimum these days and also factor in that its a generic brand and you have a recipie for possible problems.


Also budget comes into this so it would be helpful to mention what your prepared to pay.

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Everything seems great there now, but for around 120US or so, you could get a 6600 or a 6600 GT. 6600 GT would be the best for gaming smile.gif


Some links:


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814135181 - 6600 $95

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814164038 - 6600 GT $148 (Just in your budget!)


I recommend you get the 6600GT, and those are both PCIe smile.gif I'd think about getting a bigger PSU, because mind you, 350w is nothing and you'd want to be on the safe side.

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I would go with a 939 CPU, probably 3200+ , and get a motherboard with the nForce 4 chipset.


Also, I would go around 450-500W PSU and go for a make like Antec.


Also, is your HD ATA or SATA? If it is ATA, is it ATA-100 or ATA-133?

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Giga-Byte GA-K8NS Socket 754 Motherboard + Socket 754 and AGP = suicidal.gif

Socket 939 + PCIExpress = cool.gif



350W power supply, ain't going to cut it.



MEMOREX 16x16 DUAL FORMAT INTERNAL DVD±RW & 4x DOUBLE LAYER DVD+R DRIVE $70 (newegg.com) vs NEC Black IDE DVD Burner Model ND-3540A - OEM $40


Memorex NEC
DVD+R 16x 16x
DVD+RW 4x 8x
DVD-R 16x 16x
DVD-RW 4x 8x
CDR 48x 48x
CDRW 24x 32x
DVD+R DL 4x 8x
DVD-R none 6x
NEC gets you better performance in speeds as you can see. You'll also find it gets better reviews if you do some research (Google: product make and model and add the word review).

Difference bettwen OEM and Retail, in this case; is that OEM gets you the drive and nothing else; Retail gets you the drive, manual, audio cable, burning software, IDE cable, and a blank DVD+R.

If you've ever installed a CD/DVD drive before, then you can stick with OEM. The only thing to watch for is the jumper and making sure it's set right and you don't need a manual for that since there is usually a lable on the drive plus the jumps are usually marked M, S, C (Master, Slave, Cable select)

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