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Monitor problem


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I just got SA for pc, but i have a little problem..

I installed the game but when i start it my screen turns black and an error messege (of my monitor, not windows) says "Frequency out of range 75K / 60Hz"..

All i can do is ALT-TAB to get back to the desktop so i can close it, i cant seem to play at all, i already tried using some different frequencies on my monitor as well as resolutions, but it doesnt seem to help.

I have a dell monitor and i use a geforce 4 videocard, can anyone help?

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the game's resolution is set too high. If you have started the game and changed the resolution then delete the gta_sa.set file in your GTA San Andreas User Files folder (inside My Documents). If you have not ran the game yet, try updating your graphics drivers, I know my mate had this problem with a game when he used his old card with about 1 year old drivers.
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