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[SNP] BMX and NRG challenge


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Missions: BMX challenge, NRG-500 challenge

Link: http://bluehydraro.hostnmore.com/samutz/sa...f8b0829da4567b5


Btw, anyone could tell me what else I miss for 100%? Currently at 79.14% and just gained contorl of all territories. That gave me nothing though, thought would add some to overall percentage.


From what I can tell, I miss Import/Export, two deliveries (San Fierro and Los Venturas), Mountain Challenge and these two I posted about. Is that all? If so, kinda weird that they'll give me more than 20%...


Thank you! smile.gif

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For: Nebs

Mission(s): BMX, NRG Challenge

Helper: Plaka

Link: The FILE




COMPLETED wink.gif



You get 0.53% or 0.54% it's rounded up or down alternatively for every Mission you complete. So it would seem you have about 36 approx. things to do to get 100%


Check out the 100% checklist here at GTAForums or HERE

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