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Modding save games?


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Had a look all over the forums and guides, but though I've seen it mentioned, can't find any details.


Is it possible to mod your save games to, for example, give yourself gold on all schools, and check of all horseshoes and so on as being found? If so, could anyone link somewhere which tells you how! I'm aware of the save'n'play option, but would really rather do it to my own game this way.


Think the game is largely fantastic, just I'm stuck on some really annoying parts towards getting 100% (gold in last heli / plane schools is ridiculously hard) and really don't want to spend days collecting 150 bits of crap, otherwise I'd have bought WoW sarcasm.gif

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You obviously havent looked all over the fourums and came to ask the question here. There is an entire modding section where they would be able to help you better and give you links to mods for that. Post you question here

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Ahh the old save game question. To answer your question no it isn't possible.


The coding in the save files is too complexe and as such no one has been able to crack it fully yet. Some bits of it have been done such as being able to edit the money the player is saved with and weapons.


There is a save game editor out for SA but it hasn't got many features.


Save Game Editor

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Except that I did search the forums for quite a while ATK, it's just my experience that mod forums tend to be deserted unless on a mod-specific site, so I posted here where I might actually get an answer sometime soon.


...which I did! Thanks Yeti, will try it out.


Actually managed to complete the school missions to gold standard now, will see if I can be bothered with horseshoes and such.

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