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JET not fly


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First I'm sorry if this had already been posted but CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF I CAN FLY WITH THE JET in a straight line ,or the 4 engines shoot the trust only straight down ,10x in advance lol.gif

P.S. i didn't find anything in the assistant it shows an error

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Hold the 8 button on your right Num Pad, this should make the engines shoot the jet forward, after that It's pretty simple to understand. Make sure you put away your wheels too, which I think is 5 on the Num Pad.


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controls for the jet are more or less these:


8 and 2 on the numpad: adjust the degree of the thrusters. use to make your jet go forward.

Up arrow/Down arrow: accelerate/decelerate

2 : retract/contract wheels

Set firekeys: lockon missile, and launched rockets



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