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Invisible CJ


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The Amazing Invisible CJ


1. Go to Bayside boatschool

2. Start mission "Sea,air,land"

3. Do the cars blow up-cheat, and it should end the mission

4. Quickly stop the school, before the "lesson video" loads

5. You should be invicible, or dead, or just urself.


Hm. i suck with english but hope u understand that.

Glitch found by me.

You may have to do this a long time before u turn into invicible.

I have already posted this to San Andreas Theatre-thread in page 480-something, but I hope u dont know the glitch..


Little clip by me: http://rapidshare.de/files/3582271/Invisible_CJ.wmv.html



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51L3N7 4554551N
I think its known, not sure though. HAve a cookie either way, you found it on your own cookie.gif
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