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Are Multiple Installs Possible?


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As the title suggests, i want toknow if it is possible to have 2 seperate installs of san andreas on my computer i.e. one modded for messing around, and one clean version for playin online.


when i run the disk to try and install, i only get the option to play, and when i explore the disk and run the setup.exe, im prompted to completely remove my current GTA:SA suicidal.gif


any help would be much appreciated



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Futago-za Ryuu

simple sollution 4 that m8!


1) install san andreas first

2) select the folder named 'GTA San Andreas'(located normaly in 'C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games')

3) left click on ure mouse & select copy

4) left click on ure mouse & selest paste

5) u will gt a folder named 'Copy of GTA San Andreas'

use the orignal 2 play orignal/unmodded game & online mods

use the copy to play mods


simple, no?

if u didnt gt tht, dnt bother posting again! tounge.gif

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yer, thanx a lot Vitron that makes perfect sense biggrin.gif


just a shame al have to re-install anyway and lose all my mods in order to copy it but meh confused.gif



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Futago-za Ryuu

ure welcome! tounge2.gif

i had reinstall sa after i tried playing Online Andreas Reloaded v2 cause the damn think reconized my game was moded & for some reason crashed my pc. wen i gt back on, my gta san andreas directory was half full! confused.gif

uninstalled stupid multiplar program and reinstalled, making a back up in a rar file cool.gif

nw i use the moded 1, bt wen 1 of the so many online mods being made 4 sa are released i will use backup.

hopefully, nothing will happen 2 pc! tounge2.gif

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reloaded 2 deleted my gtasa.exe!!!

i was just luck i had a "backup" of the file in my image tounge2.gif

from now on a think il make multiple backups of pretty much everything just in case die.gif

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What I tend to do is once I've installed SA I make backups of all folders and files so that when I do want to have an extra install I just copy the files to a new folder. Obviously you need the HDD space to do this but for me its worth it as if I really screw up the game I can just start fresh without having to do a reinstall.
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