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ps2 saved game help


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hi all, i have a typical problem, i am playing gta sa with cheats and saved the game when cheats r enabled, my problem is :- i got a different gtasa disk now as my 1st gtasa disk has to be returned to my friend, when i run the game now with the 2nd disk it is loading from the starting if the game. can anyone help me how to save without cheats enabled, so that i can use my present disk and start the game where i saved the game, please anyone help me, i am great fan of this game,, thanks in advance

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If you used cheats and saved then the save itself knows it, there's no way to trick it into thinking you haven't. You can either start again from the beginning, or keep going with the cheats. The only cheats that should mess up your ability to complete the game should be ped cheats. Like the peds riot cheat will make mad dog jump off the ledge too soon in that mission where you have to catch him. You can tell if you saved that one because the guys at snackstands will usually try to punch you or some one else.


But if you've saved with cheats you can't undo it, sorry.

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thanks for the reply, but felt bad for not having any solution.

i enabled money,unlimited health , weapons, car aiming, jet pack, unwanted, cheats only, if anyone nows how to solve my problem please let me know, thanks in advance

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