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game wont start


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Hi everyone, yeah i know Vice City is old hat but i decided to start playing it again till San Andreas comes out on PC (im in australia).


Thing is, it simply doesnt work. I downloaded it and everything, so its fully installed, and i click on the icon on my desktop...... and nothing happens.


Im not sure if it is directly related to GTAVC or just games in general. I remember trying to install hitman3 the a few months ago and it wouldnt start. I usually go to the local internet cafe to play games so i havnt noticed it until now. So if anyone would have a clue as to why it dont do nuthin, i would be real glad.


I have full system capabilities for the game, every requirement is answered for. Is it possibly because of the fact that i use a profile instead of a default system? Would that restrict me somehow?


So yeah, help, help. confused.gif



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I downloaded it and everything

For some reason my first response to this was that you simply used the word 'download' in the wrong context - I assumed you meant you installed Vice City from the disc.


However, if you have in fact downloaded the game from the internet, the problem lies right there. And as far as these boards are concerned, it stays there. No warez allowed.

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mmm sorry bout dat, im not really awake suicidal.gif

I meant installed. Found the install CD under the bed, and thought id take it for a spin.


c'mon people! I need solutions!

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oh i just noticed the "Please read this before posting" topic at the top of the forum, so yeah heres the list if its any help...


1) PC or PS2



2) What version number of GTAVC

Erm straight from the CD so i guess its 1.0


3) What CPU and it's speed

I have a hewlett packard 9722, and its 850MHz


4) How much RAM, also what kind (DDR, SDRAM) and speed

128 mgs of SDRAM


5) What video card

Ahm not sure, its just the stock PC one, i never really checked.


6) Which version of Windows



7) DirectX version

Latest one, 9 i think


8) What sound card

Not sure, doesnt matter


9) Any mods installed, any thing at all that owuld have changed things from what was originally installed...this includes adding mp3s to the mp3 folder

None at all yet.


10) (PC ONLY) Have you tried deleting your settings file? Where to find it: My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\gta_vc.set

I coulnt actually find it in that folder, so no i havnt.


11) History: Is this your first install? Did it work once before? Anything that is relevant.

I played the game and completed it on this computer a while back, but i think that was before i set up a separate profile for me to fiddle round on, if that has any bearing. It all worked hunky dory back then.

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Although no one has been able to help me with MY problem, I'll take a stab at yours:


I had this same problem.


I have to CD drives. A DVD Rom (E:) and a DVD-RW (F:). I installed the game with the discs in the F: drive. The play Disc was in F: and I tried to load the game and nothing.

I tried over and over.


Then I tried putting the play disc in E: and it loaded fine.


I've tried again to load from F: and it will not. It will only work in E:


My advice, if you have it, try another drive.

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mmm i havnt got around to getting another drive for the comp, so thats no help, but thanks anyway confused.gif



Ok guys, an update on the problem.


Thinking myself cunning and sly, i installed it on mums XP upstairs. Yet my fox-like instincts reaped me no avail.


The game still wont start. angry.gif


This time, however, instead of mysteriously just not doing anything at all, it actually gives me an error message, which reads as follows:


"Unhandled exception: c0000005

At address: 00652ee0"


Now i be REALLY stumped notify.gif . Any clues? Mums XP is faily advanced, and there isnt any compatibility anomalies.

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