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Starting The Game glitch


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Ok, to those that don't know. At the start of a new game 2 movies are played as movie files and then 1 movie is played using the games graphic and audio engine. Towards the end of this movie eg. movie with the car that stops at the rails for the frieght train BROWN STREAK RULZ, enter the jet pack cheat as the police car drives down the ally and before CJ falls out. You will see a wasted sign and CJ will be invisible. Then you will be able to enter most buildings ie. teleporter heavens.


Assuming the cheat worked:



• What buildings can you enter, that you couldn't before

• Can you enter buildings that couldn't be entered without this cheat ie. SFPD


(By the way if you didn't notice SFPD can't be enterd from the street in standard game play, BUT the room was found doing the Ganton Gym cheat.)


I understand that this topic is basic but atleast it aint dumb.

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smile.gif This topic has alot of the information Here




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