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Kaite, quick, slow or?


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If she requests a drive, then you'll have to cruise around. Take her to china town to increase her fun meter quicker.


She requested 3 times a drive and i failed them all.

I dont know why, i m turning right down to restaurant, then she screams "faster CJ, faster" if i go very fast the fun meter goes to zero, if i slow down it goes to zero too.

Also, when you crash around, she seems to like it so i guess i have to drive quick, but some gf faqs says slowly, i m a bit lost with that.


Well its only three times i try but it s so quick and 'rare' that she asks for drive that i d like to not fail next...


Mebe i m wrong with the path i take? will try to drive China town next time, but fast, very fast, slow like all vehicles, crashing car around or not, taking a particular path to go China Town that suits her?


help plzzzze



Thnks in advance




thnks, got it in between, as you say i had to drive slowly but not too slow else fun is goin down.

i drove her to china town.

Panic made me fail that + with Bullet car its easy to go real too fast, and fun meter was dropped to zero in jiffy


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You have to drive slowly when with Katie. Almost at a snails pace. i know she says "Faster CJ! Faster" but if your go faster and on -screen message will appear telling you to slow down. So I guess she means that in a sarcastic way or maybe R* made a mistake. Whatever it is, drive slowly when going on a driving date. The best place to do it is at the bridge near her house where you can drive in a straight line.

- FiJiAn 4 LiFe


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Katie is a liar so just ignore most of what she says. She sounds like she likes to go fast even, but if the "too fast" message comes up, then slow down. She'll tell you she loves car accidents too, and when you hit something she'll sound like she likes it, but if you crash too much you'll fail the date just like with other girls.


I drive into the tunnel right by her house and then just pull a u-turn before exiting either end. You have to get the hang of how fast/slow to go while turning, but once you do it's really pretty simple.

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Ah, thanks for the tip with Katie's date. I always fail that date because I drive too fast; I'll drive slow, contrary to what she (or Rockstar's mistake) says smile.gif

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I found one of the most useful things you can get with regards to Katie is the speedometer mod. It shows that if you travel between 20 and 40 mph, you do fine. Go under 20 and it's too slow, over 40 and it's too fast. Like someone else said above, forget what Katie says about faster. Lastly, just go over the bridge and back again that way you don't have to worry about stopping or slowing down.


It's easy to pass this date, just tedious sometimes...

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You have to stay at a moderate speed. The girlfriend tends to not like it when you go to slow or too fast, so just keep it in the middle till you see it going up without stoping to go down.

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just drive the car in reverse, any fast car travels at about the right speed in reverse for katie. foolproof.

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