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Jamchick t-shirt v1.0


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Not my first texturing mod, but first I publicaly release on GTAF tho...


New: v1.2 - i fixed sleeves, added chonglers and shoes. I will put up the .zip for download tommorow, cuz my comp is f*cked up now.



user posted image

user posted image









things to do for next 4 steps:


v1.1 - i will correct the sleeve's (for those who downloaded u can see a bad made jamaican flag on the right sleeve. well i thaught it was gonna be good, but in game looked bad, 2day was just lazy 2 fix it.)

v1.2 - i will make jamaican pants/chonglers and shoes.


v1.3 - if someone is good at modeling and will be so greatefull and help me out/join my jamaican mod - I hope he will be able to edit haircut model and make DREADS for CJ. biggrin.gif then i'll texture the face and all.


v1.4 - I will make new jam gangmembers and turn your homies to Jamaicans biggrin.gif.


p.s. i need modelers for dreads biggrin.gif

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Thnks, Sim smile.gif


I uploaded new Zip file - With matching chonglers (and a long white tee over them... sorry bad textured... gonna fix it) and green sneakers found at binco, matching with the whole outfit (+ a rasta logo on the side biggrin.gif ).

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