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More doors and seats for cars


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Hey guys, I thaught about, is it possible to make more place for certain cars?

I was really disappointed when I learned that you still could get only 3 people in a BIG STRETCH...

I dont know if it's possible, but could someone try to make a mod giving 2 more room for stretch (or even better, modified H2 Hummer limousine, as it has 2 more places).


thnks biggrin.gif

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Thats funny how you can only have 3 other people n the limo and that army truck you see when you get six stars ,whats the point in that truck it only has 2 people ,no infantry at all lol but it would be good if you can add more people it will be good for drive bys

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yep, u saw that big ass Hummer H2 Limo? now if every gangmember had a Tec9 and i could load the ryde with like 8 guys... i'll go on ownage biggrin.gif
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dont be a douche, some people do care. however this isn't possible to do simply by adding more doors, there are hardcoded limitations, that can't be overcome.


The coach (and ONLY the coach) has been coded to support 7 passengers, so i would suggest replacing that vehicle. Otherwise, the only other way to "attach" more people to a vehicle is via mission scripting (coding), and even then, it wont work the same.

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No one cares.

yea your an ass you quadruple in your gay idea didn't you get the hint?

it sounds like a good idea I want someone to make a stretch hummer that would be the best and loading it up with homies would be the best ever!

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