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GTA:SA Glitching all of a sudden?


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well ive recently upgraded my ram to 512mb, got a new processor AMD Sempron 2600+ 1.83ghz and a new mobo, i ran GTA:SA fine before nice and smooth on the followin settings


Draw Distance: Half Way

Frame Limiter: Off

Mip Mapping: Off

AA: None

Visual Detail: Low/Med

Resolution: 1024x768x32


but i aint been playin it for a while and installed another game to my p.c 'Juiced' which also ran really glitchy, i unistalled it defraged p.c and went on san andreas today and found it was the same, i reinstaled the game and ran it again still glitchin, and that was on the lowest settings possible, i cant unstand it, as it was really smooth before but now isnt?


any suggestions?


Windows Xp Professional SP2

Foxconn WinFast K7s Mobo

AMD Sempron 2600+ ~1.83Ghz

2x256 Memory (RAM) 333FSB (512Mb Total) DDR

128MB DDR 8x AGP ATi Radeon Pro RX9250

80GB Samsung Spin Point HHD 5,400Rpm

5.1 Trust Digital Surround Sound Expert Sound Card (DirectX 9 Compatable)

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Do you have an antispyware\antivirus running? I had this problem when i was running the "On Guard" with Spyware Doctor. if you do try turning them off before running SA.
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