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Adobe image ready CS


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I have window movie maker and when I save the file I try to open with Adobe ImageReady it won't work any Ideas?



Adobe ImageReady

Could not complete this operation. This is an unknow file format.

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What are you exporting as from Windows Movie Maker? Imageready won't read WMV's. If you export as a Filmstrip it can, but I know WMM won't do that. Basically, WMM won't export as anything other then WMV.

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DV export is just excessive. But what exactly are you trying to do? You are aware that Imageready WILL NOT read video files for the most part. Adobe makes Premiere, which will cooperate significantly more then Imageready with Images. Also, even if you want Imageready for something, the only real solution I know of is to use a Filmstrip file, which I've seen come from Quicktime and Premiere.


What are you trying to do?

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