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Help with vehicle mod


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Hi everryone I'm pretty new to the board, this is my first post. However I have read most of the pinned topics, and have been reading alot of threads trying to avoid posting a new topic. I could not find my problem specifically...


My problem is my game (VC) always crashes as soon as the game finishes loading when I modify a car (the deluxo). I have installed the mod using 3 ways: VCMM, GGMM, and doing it manually using an IMG tool. The game still crashes no matter which method I choose. However the game works just fine without the mod? I cannot figure what the problem is! The vehicle mod is the only mod I tried installing.


The 2 mods are the 1981 deloren, and 1989 batmobile, I downloaded them from The GTA Place.

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Well the game also seems to do it anytime I tamper with gta3.img file. The game seems like it doesn't like altered TXD files also. I backed up the files and tried to restore gta.img but it still seems corupt. I always end up uninstalling and restalling Vice City. What a pain in the ass! The only mods my game allows is changing the player.txd.


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