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HijackThis Log File Analyzer

Tornado Rex

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Bascially it's a php script that'll run through your HijackThis log (which you paste into a text box) and analyze the things in it. It'll tell you what you should remove, what's safe etc.


I first tried it with a scan I just did. It came up clean (since I just reinstalled Windows like, 2 days ago). So I decided to give a good test. I took Barbaneez's log file from this post and let it run through that. I compared the results with segosa's analysis on the log. It did a pretty damn good job. It didn't catch everything, but it was close. I think it missed two or three things that segosa mentioned to delete. However, it didn't claim them to be safe, just that it didn't know what they were.


Overall it's a good little tool. If you're not too savy on what's running on your computer and don't feel like Googleing every result of your HijackThis log, start here. You can Google the things it doesn't know about, and go from there.


Should save wolf and segosa some time too sigh.gif

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Been using that for awhile now (or something similar).


Poor wolf, I hope he is happy stuck in that little script tounge2.gif


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Too late to safe me time. I can usually just look at a log these days and see most of the trouble spots.


iamnotageek.com has a HJT analyser as well. Plus you can also use the site to find out if the good ones can be safely disabled.

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