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I need orginal GTA textures 4 my 3ds models, but i dont know very good textures, im looking 4:


-House textures

-Window textures

-Door textures

-Stone textures

-Metal textures


Tha was it, plz help me smile.gif

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Your best bet would be to get an IMG editor which allows you to view the textures within the .TXD archive. I'm not entirely sure, but I think Spark IMG has this option implemented. Search the forums for "Spark IMG" with the uathor "aru" and see if that does. No one will be able to tell you of hand I don't suppose where any such textures would be. That should be fairly easy though and iwll save you HDD space rather than extracing all .txd files.

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Just to let you know GT-1 means business and is not pulling your chain, here is a direct hot link I keep for such handy times: clickyclickyclicky

And, for some gritty looking extures, anything with "ganton" in the name, using the find feature in spark, will give you lots of cool textures.

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