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Color of Exploded Cars


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Hey guys, whaz up all? Just wanted to know if there was anyone who knows a way of fixing the color of exploded cars in the game without actually having to install the GTA SA v1.01 patch.


I know the patch is supposed to correct this problem along with making other improvements to the game, but I have found that after installing the patch, modding the game (inlove.gif ) becomes more difficult as it crashes more often confused.gif .


I really hate the fact that I'm trying to make this game as real as possible with mods, only to have my wrecked and hell burnt cars still looking smooth and shiney dontgetit.gif. Again, if this has been discussed elsewhere, please direct me to the link. Any info will be of help.



My Computer: devil.gif


OS - M$ Windows XP (SP2)

Graphics Card - Geforce 6600GT 128MB AGP(8X) inlove.gif

Processor - Pentium 4 2.8GHz

RAM - 768MB DDR400

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Very easy. Change the FX quality setting to low.
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You will just have to wait for 1.01 compatible mods. Or play it with 1.00 and mods. You're asking for too much. Think about what means more to you, having mods or having the right color of exploded cars. And the third option is to wait for 1.01 compatible mods.

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What do you mean by mods as in what types? All mods should work fine with the 1.01 version its just that trainers and carspawners won't work due to the new .exe.
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