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[SnP] End of the Line


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Mission(s): End of the Line, part 2 (firetruck)

Link: EotL

Note: if you're in mood, NRG and BMX challenges would be nice as well


Hello all, first time poster, and immidiatelly with a problem. Just can't get Sweet in car, always falls down. Probably after another 50 or so tries I'd succed, but frustration led me to post. Shame I wont be playing the rest of the mission, or see the movies (or am I wrong? If one fails after catching Sweet, will game forward to that part, similar to forwarding after factory?), but the game is quite replayable to me, so better luck next time. smile.gif


Much appreciated, and as you see, I quite suck at driving, so if in mood please do NRG and BMX challenges.



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If you want to download my video End Of The Line Part2 so you can see what happens wink.gif


If you want BMX done make sure you have 100% "Cycling skill" if no-one else does BMX and NRG I'll do them for you a bit later smile.gif

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Already downloaded and saw the video. Damn, you drive good! wink.gif


I mostly used alternative routes where I could stay ahead of truck...problem is that when one is too ahead, the mission again fails.


Just one question Plaka...that phone call at the end of credits, something directed at some other mission, or again connected to the End of the Line?


EDIT: Ah, just Catalina. inlove.gif


Btw, don't bother with BMX and NRG missions...was too lazy and tried them just a few times. Perhaps they are not so bad as they look?



EDIT: Thanks a lot ZiPi88! colgate.gif

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Ahh the Phone call ... well



Put your cursor over the black bit to see what it contains:

it's from Catalina who is having a good time with Claude


NRG takes a while to pass ... I watched a video made by a Member here to see the angles needed to hit the hoops ...


BMX just need to bunny hop high enough hence the 100% skill needed.















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