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New Glitch + Random Plane Crash (video)


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Ok, I was just trying to do a glitch that I did a weeks ago.


To do it:


1: Get a BMX

2: Find a train with trailers on the end

3: Jump on it

4: Wait for it to go under a tunnel

5: Hold (whatever your reverse button is), for PS2 square button, and then after a few seconds of holding it you should turn invisible. If you get off the bike or off the train you will turn back.


Anyway, thats the glitch and I was just trying waiting for a train and this happened.


Click here!



I know it looks like it, but at the time I wasn't even looking at the screen so thats why I didn't keep the camera on the plane. When I looked back at the game it was just skidding past me and I was too amazed to move so I died.


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ha ha it reminds me of that vid of the guy doing the masive jump in the desert and a plane lamb-basting him at the end of the ramp - bahahahaha

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Erm yeah I did.. I was trying to do a train stunt where I jump as it comes to a barrier and land back on the train. It's just near the tunnel where you very start the game. but I missed it, and was holding square to reverse but nothing happened then that. smile.gif
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