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Edit: Invincible CJ! im using a laptop and i dont press the keys hard enough!

Ok Sorry if this isnt new..i did do a search....


Anyway, i hadn't played GTA in a whil and thought i might take it out and lay it again...

so im jumping on cars and shooting things as the car drives...the usual fun things to do...like making pile-ups on the freeways...


So i started a pile-up because i was being chased by cops and cars started exploding (helped by me) and i went to steal a vehicle, and it blew up in my face. as i pointed out a long while ago...if you open the door as it is about to explode, no harm is done.


So i went to get a new vehicle and noticed i couldn't move...nor could i shoot. i was being shot at and cars were going through me and nothing happened. the life ar did not go down...


its pretty weird..and i didnt use any cheats.


i will get a video up if anyone wants one...


again, sorry if this isnt new.....



Ok, if anyone was confused..here is the video


Invincible CJ


It is as if im not really there but the cops know i am...the rest of the game works as if im not there. Things can go through me...for example, law enforcment were trying to have a fist fight with me but the guy just went right through...as if i were a ghost....




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