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Carl don't stop to walk


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Hi peoples:


I have a problem with GTA San Andreas. After some time playing the game, one day load my save game and carl start to walk without any key pressed and never stop. Always the problem is solve reinstalling the game. Any have one idea that this problem?





PD: Sorry my english

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probably a controller issue. try alt+tabing out the game, switch to a something like notepad, see if the keys work, and then switch back to SA.

if it's still f*cked, no idea.


i rated the thread good because your english is funny. biggrin.gif

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i get that problem all the time... just press the up and down and left and right buttons over and over and it eventually stops. if thats not the case then maybe its your keyboard... dozingoff.gif

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The problem ocurred sometime, not always. I think that have relationship with a old joystick that have sometimes connected. I will check and comment about that.


PD: Sorry my english again, i'm speak spanish.

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i had this problem i found out it was my racing wheel for my driving sims that was doing it if i unpluged it cj would act normally so if you have any gaming controllers connected remove them

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