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* GeForce MX4000 8x/4x AGP Graphics Card with 128MB DDR

* EVGA-e-GeForce FX5500 256MB 8x/4x AGP Video Card

* EVGA-e-GeForce 6200 AGP Video Card with 256MB DDR Memory


Which one of these would run GTASA good. Also I want ot make stunt videos, so I don't want much slowdowns when I record.

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Your stunt vids might be choppy. When I use FRAPS to record video it halves my frame rate.

Well thats why hes asking. dozingoff.gif - Dome Piece

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In this case the 6200 is the strongest. But if you want better performance you need 6600. Preferably GT. Or Radeon x800 series. Even 9800 is good. And it is cheap today.

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Well more expensive then any of the cards you've listed, if you were going for a 9800 Pro you might as well get the 6600Gt as its virtually the same price but your getting more bang for you buck.


Remember that the rest of your specs still play a major role in how the game will run so prehaps post your specs, still the 6200 is the best card you listed so avoid anything below it.

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