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Robbing uncle sam... and then what?


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Hi everyone, I just joined. smile.gif


I'm feeling kinda stupid, but I can't figure out what to do. I finished Robbing Uncle Sam, the mission where you rob a military base, but I don't know where to go from there... there's no red marker outside of Big Smoke's or Ryder's houses; where am I supposed to pick up the next mission? dontgetit.gif



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Have you done the mission for Cesar Vialpando - High Stakes Lowrider ? the marker on the map is CV and there's a lowrider next door to his house.

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I believe I did, yes. That's the bouncing lowrider mission, right?


But to remind you, there's no marker whatsoever showing up. Still don't know where to go. Would it help if I uploaded my savegame so one of you guys could check it out? smile.gif

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After the car hopping mission 'Cesar Vialpando' you should have got a call from Cesar inviting you to a 'High Stakes, lowrider' race you need to finish in 1st place to win. If you've done it, then it will show up in your Stats under Missions


You've done all of Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke's missions so check out OG Loc's missions the 1st one is Life's A Beach (Dancing) its only available between 00:00 - 08:00.


The location is the Burger Shot at Marina, see the screenie:

user posted image


Yes upload your Saved Game HERE you don't have to Zip the file. We'll take a look for you ... wink.gif

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Yep you've still got the CV icon that would be High Stakes, Lowrider and a BS icon which is his 1st mission OG Loc.


These are not extra missions but are necessary for the Story-Line Missions wink.gif


Good luck you're on your way ...


PS. Thanks for the rides ... wink.gif

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Please that is exactly what I’m facing right now, no red marker on Ryder and big Smoke and I got $1k on the low rider Race, Og loc mission said I should come between some hours and I don’t know how to go about it ... please help a brother 😪😭

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