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whats this "new" area in LCS?

stone cold steve austin

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Most likely, an extention of the North-Eastern part of the Shoreside Vale.

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As far as I'm aware the only "official" reports came from the Australian Official Playstation 2 Magazine. I believe they stated that they had seen the map and that Shoreside Vale now curled all the way over the top of Staunton Island.


I want to believe there is an extention so I'm choosing to believe this and that you can access this through the blocked tunnels.


My worry is that even in GTA3 the Shoreside landmass curled all the way over to near the north tip of Portland. You couldn't access it, but you could see it. I don't think this was on some of the printed maps.


I hope the aussies haven't got confused.

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in shoreside vale there was a tunnel that was closed that never opened, and didnt lead anywhere - that could be it - where would it lead tho? portland? makes sense to me - however, i thought you went from one city to another only by 'barge'?

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Yeah, you need'nt worry about the truth of the Australian OPS2M. I read it every month, and it is excellent quality. Btw, I know its off topic, but does anyone know anything more about the snow weather feature?

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The August issue of the Spanish version of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) also said that a new chunk was added to Shoreside Vale. We'll find out if this is true in a month or so...


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