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Iron Man

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i rememebr this topic that i was readin where these people said that Phil was the guy on the map on liberty. He's the one in green with the black arm. BUT, if you look on the instruction booklet, you can see a uy with grey hair. which looks alot more like phil. so, i was wondering. if the guy with grey hair is phil, who is the guy with the black arm?
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For those not following this, I believe Iron Man is speaking of the guy in the upper left of the fold-out map that comes with the game. The map from the French version of the game is posted by a French game site and although it is missing quite a few of the characters my map has, the guy in question is in the same spot. The guy on the upper left of the fold-out map is quite clearly not Phil because in addition to his black (due to shadow) right arm he has a fully functional left arm. smile.gif I believe he is simply some random nameless Asian gangster like the guy on the bottom left with the huge pistol. Phil definitely has gray hair and no left arm as seen on the Character List on the official GTA3 site.


While this topic is here, please allow me to blow off some steam regarding Phil's appearance in Vice City; since spoilers technically apply I'll attempt to black it out, although in the preview post function it's appearing normally so caveat lector...


While GTA3's Phil the One-Armed Bandit clearly has lost his left arm, in Vice City's Boomshine Saigon cutscene, Phil Cassidy blows off his right arm. When he hobbles out of the car at the end of that mission it's back to being the left arm, but that sloppy bit of programming has bugged me for a looooong time.


Thank you. I feel much better now.

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