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Wireless router antenna mod


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I found this link and i was wondering if it will help me at all. I have my wireless router in one corner of my house, and it is probably giving lots of unneeded signal out by backyard and towards nebighors. I was wondering if this mod will actually help give my netowrk more power in the direction i want (not towards nebighors/woods). Also, can anyone tell what the middle is made out of?

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It should work.

It's looks pretty much like the cantenna but with a wider range.


A cantenna is about a 45-degree range, give or take depending on the diameter of the can

This is should open it up to more of a 90 or even a 180 depending on how it's built

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Ok, thanks. Sounds easy and I'll post my results when I'm done and see how well it works


Ah, missed this part:


the best part is that you can make one basically for free.  grab some aluminum foil, cardboard, and a scissors and get to work.
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