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The pc version


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I saw one of you guys posted,that there will be a pc version of lcs and he said that it would have better graphic.Is that true?I heard that it only will be released on psp.If it's going to be on pc so when?

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I did post something like that. But you must have read it wrong. Ill go and quote it.


EDIT: We were talking about why it wouldnt be on PC and I said the following:



If it was released on PC aswell, the graphics on the PC version would be better. Which means more people would buy it for PC


I was basically saying that if it was released on PC, nobody would buy it for PSP


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Want lcs on pc??


TOO BAD... now quit making threads like this.



buy a psp

I wouldn't count of it(N00bs makin' topics)...

No, it won't be available for the PC; unless Rockstar MIGHT release it later and just didn't want to tell us...



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