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Mp3 Sound Problem


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If i use the custom mp3 station in game all the sound and video starts to jump at random intervals, it dosnt happen if i dont use the "User tack player" but just listen to the in game radio.


n e hints on how to sort this?! it would be greatly appreciated!


oh and btw im at v1.01

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When posting a problem, be sure to include the following information about your computer:


    * Operating system (XP users: be sure to mention if you have SP1 or SP2)

    * Video/Graphics card type + graphics memory

    * Processor

    * RAM (random access memory)


Could you please post the following information so it's easier to identify the problem. It could be a number of problems, but before I go jumping to conclusions, I would like to know the stats. Thanks.


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OS : WIN XP Home (sp2)

Graphics card : AGP 128Mb NVIDIA GEFORCE FX 5700LE

Processor : 2.4 AMD Athalon XP

Memory : 1024Mb


i have all the latest drivers.


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mine used to do this, used to sound like the music was glitchin but really was jumping, it doesnt do it now, cos i got a new sound card,


maybe a new soundcard will fix the problem, sure did for me



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