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scriptmod request


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does anyone know the code or where i can download them for the followin scriptmods;


indestructible vehicle by brokenfish

mod shop by barton


cant find them anywhere and i dont want to use the all in one mod...



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you can just get the all in one mod and take what you please from it.


Do NOT release mods by other people if you end up doing something cool like putting both of those into your script without asking the author.

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no no, im not tryin to release anything. i barely even know how to script, jus wanna put them in my own main.scm so i can switch whenever it want. the all in one mod has alot of stuff i dont need/want and also i dont know which part of the all in one mod to take from for those two scriptmods, you mind telling where and which part to take from?

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If you are planning to release it - you'll have a job on, Barton has retired and is out of contact. Otherwise, read the all in one code, its all nicely commented.
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