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VC First mission removal


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Hello guys, I need some help with a little task I don't get. I'm currently learning to code, so please don't be too mean to me wink.gif

I'm trying to make so the first Mission and Cutscenes doesn't start at New game.

But... I've been trying around, and I got these results:

  • Flashing cinematic.
  • New Game doesn't work.
  • Second cutscene is black and wont continue.
It's for Vice City.



By the way, how do I make those mission checkpoints? I want one somewhere so the player can start the first mission if he walks into it.

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5 hours does not a bump make. Nor does 5 hours a bump need.


No offense, but with what I've seen of your coding in the Nitz Kit thread, you are aiming WAY too high. Ask anybody and they'll tell you that even when I'm writing various mods, I try to steer clear of missions 0 and 1 (0 and 19 in GTA3) if at all possible because I undersatand that I STILL don't fully understand them enough to go trapsing around in them. Mostly it's just intimidation, but still, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging your own capabilities and staying within them.

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Hmm, it's not too hard. I did it for my interstate mission script. I just emptied out mission 0 and added a few things I needed like the start possition and some pickups in it's place ended all with and end_thread.
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Well that's more akin to a stripped script. The way I read his post--which admittedly could be totally wrong--is that he's looking to start a game without having to run all the initial stuff. Of course now that I think of it, maybe a stripped script is all he's looking for. He's new enough to coding.


@Marklund: If you're just looking for stripped scripts, MB 0.22 (and many other versions I'm sure) actually come with them. Or I've released them for GTA3 and SA (thought SA was barely my work at all).

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