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help porting banshee from gta3 to vice city


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k, i have sucessfully ported the banshee from gta3 into gta vice city, it looks ok and the handling has been configured correctly, however, the banshee in vice city lacks a white stripe down the middle, i want the white stripe on the banshee because i think it looks cool, any help would be very much appreciated smile.gif

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Yeah, I remember before I found out what carcols are. I was trying to replace the vicechee with the Starsky & Hutch Gran Turino, but I couldn't get it in red with a white stripe. So then I went back and learned what and how carcols are used. So I think you've either forgotten the carcols or messed with the uv mapping with a modeling program.

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Can't you just use the banshee ported by the Liberty City mod people? I haven't tried it, but other GTAIII cars they ported are nice.

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