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I wanted to know where can I find the Euros. I've been able to find all the other cars, but the thing is that I've never seen the Euros. I even had to look at a picture of it to see what it looks like. Can anybody help?


And also I would like to know if you guys can tell me where I can find more garages. I like to store a lot of cars and I'm running outta space.

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The Euro is located in San Fierro (not exactly sure where) but it will only be available after you unlock the 3rd import/export list. Check out this list for the Import/Export guide.

- FiJiAn 4 LiFe


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The Euros is a two door sports car. It is curved at the front, like the ZR 350.

It is found directly under the Sphinx's Head at the Camel's toe in Las Venturas.



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