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Okay so I bought a Logitech Dinovo Keyboard and Mouse. It's for the new computer I'm getting but in the mean time I want to use it for this one. But this keyboard isn't compatible with Windows 98SE. Is there a driver or something I can install to get past this?


It's so beautiful I have to use it now. inlove.gif


Thanks in advance.

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they only offer wndows XP or windows 2000 drivers Here


if those don't work, i think you are sh*t outta luck



edit: and why would you buy a worse mouse than what the set came with? confused.gif

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It's on older bundle I bought. Which they don't display on that site anymore. So I had to supply seperate links.


Edit: Nope, those didn't work. Thanks though.

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You want one of these instead.




As for the diNovo, it's basically a case of 98 not liking Bluetooth stacks very much. I've never had to get one working on anything older than 2000, so I can't offer much in the way of assistance. There's no native drivers, and MS stopped supporting 98 a while back, I think.


A quick google didn't turn much up either.


Sorry man. Beautiful gear, though smile.gif


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