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Pedestrian Modifier


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I'm messing around with codes right now and wanna try to change what the Grove Stree Gang members look like. I got the code from here Code Master - Skiller. The code has alot of stuff to fill in, i'm just wondering if I am suppose to fill in each line with a different pedestrian code or are some lines suppose to be the same, I mean I don't think there's that many different Grove members are there? I know how to enter codes, lol!! I just modified the Crap Cars cheat to have buncha cool stuff driving around, but anyways, yeah, anyone know? I put the code below...




206A1D9C 0???0???

206A1DA0 0???0???

206A1DA4 0???0???

206A1DA8 0???0???

206A1DAC 0???0???

206A1DB0 0???0???

206A1DB4 0???0???

206A1DB8 0???0???

206A1DBC 0???0???

206A1DC0 0???0???

206A1DC4 0???0???

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Not sure, there probally is something like this for it though... Maybe, i'm not sure, lol!! But anyways, i've done the code and had a different pedestrian entered into each line of code, only two of the pedestrians worked, the ones I had entered into the top two lines. If that's all that works than why all the question mark in the other lines of code? Plus do they even do anything? And does anyone know if it would be ok to save with this code on........

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