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bike glitch


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ne who, i was in venturas and stole a police bike,then i went to the building next to the 4 dragons with the long escalator and went onto the escalator. I hit tirangle and CJ couldn't get off the bike. i tried going forward but the rear wheel was just spinng. i only could go reverse until i got off the escalator

is this new?

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original gangster

A quite similar thing happened to me. I was doing the mission ''snail trail'', and somehow i got stuck on the back of the freight train. now i was on the back of it and it was moving AWAY from the train i was meant to be following. I tried getting off by driving the sanchex off, but i couldn't move. I don't think it's a big glitch though.

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I've also found a new glitch I think involving a BMX, and going invisible. I'll post it tommorow, someone remind me if I forget.
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