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Recruiting For Business Kit


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I am now recruiting after long thought about this. My idea is simple, I'd like to get together with those of us who model buildings to create a model kit. The first of maybe a couple of kits, but this is the only one that will recruit team members, after that it will be by invite only/special inquirey from artists.


The plan is as such: Kit of community made models for speedier, more participated in Total Conversions


Fast Food.


There's Taco Bell, Mcdonalds, Burger King, KFC, KFC/Taco Bell (ask and I'll explain), Arby's...


The list really goes on and on.


Texture Map Designers:

Post low quality versions of your texture maps as WIP or FINAL contributions/showroom shots to protect them at least a little from non-project participants, Email or PM all final texture maps to the modeler who is doing the fast food restauraunt model you have decided to map details for.



Reserve a fast food business place from around your home so there will be plenty of reference (More than one of different places can be contributed by more than one person, variety is nice in the size of SA.) and get added to the not yet present list that will be added below.

Model your building, texture it, contribute it.


You may make your own texture maps or you may want to make temporary ones and post those for texture map designers to use as templates. Though I urge texture map designers to be as free as they would like, and to try to keep things at 512x512 or larger, not to exceed

512x1024 or 1024x512, what will be PLENTY of room.


Here is an example of a cool texture map I made for a sign, it's smaller than what we're looking for but note how I color-picked the colors of the sign and added squares of each, very usable for many small details of the model this went to:


user posted image


I'll leave this much here to answer any questions that may arise and leave freedom for more ideas/different views to be considered, please post questions here for now so that everyone can be clear on what we find out.


Hope everyone is interested, this will be very cool.

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Hey jerz. Is this for our thing? Eh? Because smeone has got to start modelling people or buildings or something. By the way have you looked at the script or missions yet?

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This is for everyone, Pat wink.gif But, if I do it all on my own, it will be for Ryder's Revenge ONLY and I will physically finish anyone who steals our models biggrin.gif
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bump from nearly the bottom. Edit wip of a building soon.
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