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I just picked up a Pentium III 1Ghz computer with 128MB RAM (max. RAM is 512) and it DOES run Vice City smoothly; except that any text or menus flicker and jump around the screen badly and the textures are messed up.


So I was wondering about a video card suggestion for it. It has 2 open slots I can use:

• 1 2x/4x AGP Slot

• 1 PCI (standard) Slot



I'd like to find a card under $100


I know that I'd have to upgrade the RAM to 256 to meet the minimum specs of San Andreas. That's no problem. The ram is PC133/100 and is easy to find cheap. It has 3 RAM slots with Max. RAM 512MB.


I also know for a fact that San Andreas and Vice City (and many other games) will run on this card:




As that card is in my Pavilion a320n


So; should I just get the FX5500 card for this computer or find another one?


Thanks! cool.gif

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