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[SNP] farewell my love


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please help me with this one mission
















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It shows the Helper's that a Mission needs doing wink.gif

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San Andreas Is 2 Hard!

I hate that mission! angry.gif . I gave up playing SA for about a month cuz I couldn't do it. I play PS2 one though so I couldn't do a SnP. I am stuck on Flying School at the moment... One tip for Farewell My Love is to take corners slow and absolutely SCREAM through the straights. And in all honesty sit close to the TV, let nothing distract you and don't throw your controller at the PS2 and breathe in and out slowly. Of course only if you are playing the PS2 copy...

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Once you get on the road there's 2 shortcut's you can take just before the 1st and 3rd corners. see my Video if you want. It puts you in 1st place way ahead of the rest.





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