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[SNP] og loc, cesar vialpando& catalyst .


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somebody please complete these 3 missions for me. my saved game file is with this. help. i love gta and i cant bear to be stuck


save game file:- http://bluehydraro.hostnmore.com/samutz/sa...1729a1e0edf659c













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It shows the Helper's that a Mission needs doing wink.gif

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For: anashwar

Mission(s): Catalyst

Helper: Plaka






You've already done OG Loc and Cesar Vialpando ! please explain what you want done ??




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My bad. Unlocked

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I meant the next missions of OG Loc & Ceasar Vialpando. And what about Catalyst by Ryder!!!!! I read from somewhere that there are infinite no of crates in the train but its wrong. I always run out of crates with just one more crate needed and I wait for more than a minute before the mission to ends. cool.gifnotify.gif

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