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CJ rapping


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I dont know if this has already been mentioned but i searched and couldn't find anything. I apollogise if it has.


I went on Imdb.com and found gta san andreas and found the voice artist behind CJ was called Young maylay so i Googled his name and he has an Official site. You can hear some of his tracks on it including him rapping over the gta san andreas theme tune. Anyway i thought it was pretty cool.


Once again i appologise if this has already been mentioned. biggrin.gif

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i did look for it on gta sites and searched the forum and couldnt find anything, so i posted it, im sorry!! suicidal.gif

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Of course everyone knows this. I haven't seen that guy's Myspace before, though. The rap over the San An theme is pretty good. They should have included that in the game somehow, maybe in the end credits or something.

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