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an idea for the next release


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so will ya be lettin pople download the server config?

if so ill run it on my uk server


good work tho fal, once yav done it i think the rest of the vc-mp team should add it to the next release (hint hint) then we can have more than just standard god dam deathmatch mode


any possability of the skins idea bein implimented any1??

if clans could reserve their spawn point and skins/weapons then that would rule

if any1 knows how to do this and gives me the files to run it

you'll have second choice of spawn point/skins on my server


i love vc-mp and if i knew anythin at all about codin id be writin the stuff myself

Most of this will be added to next release plus more smile.gif


I'll upload current config if you like tonight when i get home, its still in testing stages but more people test the better..


And yes its possbile for custom spawns will work on after i'm finished this one..





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Update now have control of players location,health and weapons..


Will make quick scripts for your custom player spawns tonight smile.gif





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