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GeForce 7800 Go GTX


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I deicded to go onto a notebook forum that I go on sometimes (I wont say it), and then I saw this.





NVIDIA is going to launch their mobile G70 to be officially known as GeForce Go 7800 GTX on Sept 29th and it will be available immediately on the day of launch. 7800 GTX Go is packed with 302M transistors and is clocked at 400MHz core / 550MHz memory. It will deliver twice the shader power, 1.6x more geometry than the GeForce Go 6800 Ultra launched a year back. It will have the same TDP as the Go 6800 Ultra and is pin compatible and comes with PowerMizer 6.0 technology. 7800 GTX Go scored 6642 and 14704 in 3DMark05 and 3DMark03 respectively compared to 7697 and 3425 on the 6800 Ultra Go.


I was about to order a new laptop with a Geforce 6800 go ultra, as i've almost sold my old one. I recon this will probably score more than claimed, but sh*t, 6k for a laptop! What does a 7800 gt and 7800 gtx score?


Also, i'm speculating that memory will be 1100MHz, as 550 should be for each memory module, therefore 550x2=1100MHz

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an average 7800 GTX will score between 7,500 to 8,000, and an SLI setup will score in the 10,000 area smile.gif


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