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Please read the gigantic red text above, showroom isn't for these questions. This question would also be fully covered if you read the pinned topics.


Et le reportage, it'll be moved or something probably, don't panic rampage_ani.gif

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music.gif Firstly, you need a program to open the GTA3.IMG file where all the car files (and other files) are stored.




All you then need to do is find the GTA3.IMG on your system usually "C://Program Files/Rockstar Games/San Andreas/Models/GTA3.IMG"


Then you need to find the files of the vehicle which you want to replace. Each vehicle has a .dff and .txd of the same name. You should have these supplied with the car mod you have downloaded, so using their filenames, search for them using IMG Tool and delete them. Now add the files you have downloaded.


All you need to do then is use the supplied readme to install the handling and other data supplied. All the files to be used for these changes are in the data folder (instead of models folder). Just right click and use notepad to edit the files by pasting the new data over the old data. Usually just one line of code.


If in doubt, PM the original author of the mod or have a look in the tutorial forum for more guides and info.

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