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One time I got like six flips by hitting a nitro and driving off the little ramp on top of Mt. Chiliad. For some reason I can't repeat it though, every time I try now I can only get like two flips. I think it might have to do with what vehilce you use, but I can't remember what I was in when I did it.


The only thing that is even close to being as fun as that is driving a motorcycle to the tallest building in Los Santos and jumpng off the top, but it doesn't get you as good a stunt bonus.

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i jumped from the highest building in LS with a BMX and I somehow hit the wall a bit but didnt fall off and started spinning f*cking crazy.... though i fell after i landed (on a car) i got around 2000$ bonus wow.gif


i was like w00t... but i cant repeat it, cuz it was really luck... *should've turned fraps on... im such a dumbass*

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